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BE/ BTECH (Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgy, Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Instrumentation, Civil, Geology, Geophysics) required in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Training Schools.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) provides a broad spectrum of scientific and technological activities extending from basic laboratory bench scale research to scaled up plant level operations and its functional domain covers all walks of science and technology ? stretching from classical school of thoughts to the emerging novel fields of interest. The core mandate of this institution is to provide Research and Development support required to sustain one of the major peaceful applications of nuclear energy viz. power generation. This includes conceptualization of the programme, finalisation of the design of the reactor and the peripheral components, preparation of computer generated working models and their evaluation studies under simulated reactor running conditions, identification, selection and testing of materials and components for their risk analysis under extreme conditions of reactor operating environments, development and testing of new reactor fuel materials etc. Besides, BARC also extends its expertise to chemical processing of spent fuels, safe disposal of nuclear waste besides developing new isotope application techniques in industries, medicine, agriculture etc. Advanced frontline research in physical, chemical and biological sciences are intensely being pursued in BARC in order to give the nation a cutting edge in the fields of science and technology at the international levels.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

Training Schemes and Employment Description

1. One-year Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Post-Graduates for the year 2011-2012 (OCES-2011)

2. Two-year DAE Graduate Fellowship Scheme for Engineering Graduates and Physics Post-Graduates for the term beginning in 2011 (DGFS-2011)

During Training:

Stipend and Allowances—>  Rs 20,000 per month during the period of their training and a one-time book allowance of Rs 5,000

Grade and Pay Scale:

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