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Both male and female candidates can join Indian Air Force( Technical Branch) after their engineering (Btech and BE). Mainly there are two branches for which the student can apply for after his Btech or BE. The first one is Aeronautical Engineering Electronics branch and the other one is the Aeronautical Engineering Mechanical branch. The Electronics branch deals with signal and communication stuff while the Mechanical branch has to take care of the maintenance, servicing and other engine related tasks.

Eligibility criteria for joining the Indian Air Force:


18 to 28 years (At the time of commencement of training)

Branches in Btech / BE: Electronics,Tele-communication, Electrical, Electrical Communication, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Computer Science & Engineering

Salary Range: approx. 17000 along with benefits and various allowances.

Percentage in Btech / BE: ...continue reading