Options and Career Prospects AFTER B.TECH.

Advice and Guidance:

As we are aware that this is a very difficult phase of life when we are stuck with a question "WHAT NEXT".

Our lives have become such that we have been forced to do what ever is the need of hour . Everything that we desire to achieve can never be as simple as we find it . So guys just tighten up your seat belts and get ready to work hard and in the right direction to achieve what you feel is right for you as a career .

I'm no one to help you figure out and make you decide what interest's you , but can just give you an idea of what can be a little useful to you in setting your goals right .

Let us just start with the different options which can be thought of after completion of Btech:

1. Job after graduation (B.tech) - We know it is not an easy task to look for a job which fulfills our requirement but in an age of so much competition it is a troublesome task . I would suggest you not to just start with any job rather let your self sweat a bit for the right kind of job .

2. Masters after B.tech - You have large number of options if you wanna study after graduation .
a. For those who still want to try u , have CAT just waiting for you around the corner . It has been almost delayed by a month so just decide if you wanna crack it and get into top 15-20 colleges of INDIA .
b. For those who want to go and achieve something big , can sit for there GRE and GMAT with equal hard work and endurance .

3. Other options - There are now a wide range of options which can be thought of after being an engineer .
a. Civil services
b. Defense services
c. Aviation industry
d. Self venture etc

It's still just a beginning when you start looking here you will get a fair idea what are your interests and what is your aim in life . Someone wants to work in an MNC (Multi National Company) whereas some dream to have a company of their own. Life is too short and there is lot to do .
Just distribute your wants and your goals in two different categories and begin in a direction which would lead you to achieve something that makes you happy and contended in life .

**A Little thought to Motivate and guide you**
Subha (Co-Editor ).

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