No placement after an Engineering (BE/Btech) Degree? Don't Worry!

Do not worry if you do not get placed after your Engineering (BE/Btech) degree. All of us are aware of the immense pressure which falls on the students after they complete their Btech/BE Degree. All of the students are not so lucky to get placed on the First shot they take or the first test they sit in. It feels good to see students getting placed in first attempt. Others try and they try hard until they get placed before completing their degree. The rest of the lot is not so lucky. They are intelligent too and some of them are even better than the ones who get early placements but somehow they fail to get placements.

The Present Scenario of Economic Recession and BE/Btech placements
The present Global Econoic recession crisis has adversely affected the placement of Btech Graduates. The number of placements of most of the colleges have gone down to 50 percent. So more BE/Btech students are left unplaced.

The Growing Pressure
As the time passes, more pressure builds up on the mind of engineering graduates. Some of them seek job in Government sector while others get placed in small companies in order to gain work exposure and experience. As more and more students passout each year, the chances to get placed becomes dimmer for ex-passout students.

The Solution

First solution or rather an advice for Btech students is to keep looking for BE/Btech Jobs on the internet. Fill out the forms and keep applying for posts untill you get placed. The first solution includes being placed in some newly emerged companies or firms.

The second solution is to keep brushing your skills and updating and enhancing your Resume strength. Either do some certification courses related to your field or complete some practical projects. This will surely help you build your confidence and increase your proficiency level.

The third solution is to go for higher studies and increase your qualification. Whether you go for MBA or M.Tech it depends on you and your area of interest.

The fourth solutionWorking for yourself beats working for someone else!
But DONT start in a hurry! You should plan and act. You need commitment, initiative, drive, and hard work to get a venture off the ground.

Lots of opportunities for you people on the internet!
Search the internet.. Signup for popular career oriented websites!
Start doing freelancing projects! You will definitely need some time and efforts to get on track but the things are worth giving a try.
Enhance your Existing Business!
If you already have a family business, you can contribute towards its enhancement by applying the skills which you have learnt in making your business. Applying, implementing and watching the fruitful results in practical life is the most satisfying experience.

8 thoughts on “No placement after an Engineering (BE/Btech) Degree? Don't Worry!

  1. manju

    can u just help me to choose which course should i do after my graduation completed in BE (e&c).

    so that i should get a job & which will let my career grow.

    thank you

  2. Sachin Anand

    Well thanks for your great ideas. I was really confused after my B.Tech and I was worried a lot. Now after reading your suggestion I really feel better.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Himanshupatil_4538

    Well thanks for all your good suggestion but can you tell which certified courses will be better for BE production for improving skills and getting a good job.

  4. idiot

    I'm vanished. I've lost confidence in me after btech.  is it a joke to study so hard upto and then look for a menial jobs in industry...I've doubt over HR cell of company. they r idiots...

  5. saurabh

       i had completed my (computer science) in 2010 with with poor grades(2nd division) and really don't know anything about programming or software.
                    i want to know which short term course can be helpful for to get a job in I.T industry immidiately.

  6. Seema singh

    Hello ...I hv completed BE in 2011 only with computer science.searching for job.can you plz help me out vat should I do ...I am willing to join some training program or short term courses.

  7. K Anuj88

    dear saurabh,
     you should take the class of mobile java
    belief on me itz very demanded language now a days and u can learn it in2-3 months but institute should be good.