Electronics and Communication (EC): Scope, Job Outlook

Electronics and Communication Engineering and today’s world:

Electronics, particularly computer usage coupled with recent space age, endeavours has by this time already crept into every sphere of human activities. Every industry, institution & organization feels the need of an Electronics Engineer and a Computer specialist.

Today’s world is very much for and of the Electronics & Communication Engineers. Advanced countries in the world have gone to such depths of Electronics today that an Electronics Engineer is indispensable in every front. Opportunity in this highly sophisticated and advanced branch of engineering is just immense.

Electronics is now a part of our every day life, from your pocket FM radio to televisions, computers, mobile phones and even the high-end satellites that process and sends images.

Career prospects

Today, technology is growing at a rapid pace. In the coming future there is bound to be huge demand for competent engineers in electronic industry to cope this demand in technology. These engineers would be involved in creating and sustaining cutting edge technology to stay ahead in competition.

An electronic engineer can find job in Consumer electronics manufacturing organisation, Telecommunication industry, IT industries, Health care equipment manufacturing industry, Mobile communication, Internet technologies, Power Electronics, and Other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry, directing control and testing production process.

Electrical technicians and technologists can specialize in technical sales, product representation, systems management, the design and manufacture of electronic devices and systems, or the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic systems and equipment.

They may also work with computers and electronic equipment in the medical, manufacturing, industrial control, telecommunications, aeronautical and military fields.

Working Conditions

Electronics and communication engineering graduates can work for electrical utilities, communications companies, manufacturers, the military, government, or in the processing and transportation industries. They are also extensively involved in the manufacturing of electronic gadgets and devices. The work of an electronic engineer is varied and depends upon the industry they are working in.

Job Outlook

There are plenty of jobs for skilled electrical and electronics technicians with postsecondary qualifications. But the job is becoming more competitive and there are not so many jobs for people with lesser skills. Technology is improving productivity for many of these jobs and thus holding down job growth.

An electronics engineer can get a job in Central Government, State Governments and their sponsored corporations in public enterprises and the private organizations like All India Radio, Indian Telephone Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, AIR, Civil Aviation Department; Post and Telegraph Department; Co-ordination Department, National Physical Laboratory, Bharat Electronics Limited, Development Centers in various States etc.  dealing in manufacture, sales and services of electronics consumer goods and appliances.

Electronics engineers are also absorbed into the entertainment transmission industry, research establishments, and defense. They can also take up teaching and research in one of the many engineering colleges in India or abroad.

Course Content:

  • Maths
  • Circuits
  • Digital design
  • Control system
  • Network Analysis & Synthesis
  • Electronics Devices & Analog ICs
  • Microprocessor systems
  • Signals and systems
  • Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
  • Applied Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory
  • Linear Control Systems
  • Virtual Instrumentation &Data Acquisition
  • Micro Processors & its applications
  • Total Quality Management
  • Process Dynamics & Control
  • Programmable Logic Controllers & Applications
  • Computer Control of Industrial Process

and many more…

Placement and Pay scale of Electronics and Communication Engineers: Electronics and Communication Engineers usually get handsome salaries after some experience in related fields. Starters can get anywhere between Rs. 20,000/- to Rs.35,000/- per month depending upon their skill and the company they are employed in.


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  1. suresh

    hiii, im a final yr student in B.tech with electronics and comm. engg. im little bit tensed about my job. no company has yet arrived here in our college. So,suggest me how to grab job ???

  2. hridesh vishwakarma

    sir i m an B.E fresher with EC as my branch.
    i want to work abroad.
    could u plz suggest me how to get the jobs of my field in U.S.A while being as a fresher.
    i will be very thankfull to u sir.

  3. Hinal

    sir, I m a final year student of Electronics Engg. I m really tensed about my job. so will you please suggest me jobs related to my field.


    Hi,i m a 1st semester student of don bosco university,guwahati.I want to know that is it important to do mtech after i have completed my btech degree to get jobs in india,please give me some suggestions...?

  5. Bhavuk Sharma

    sir i am pursuing b.tech in electronics and communication branch i want to know how to face the interviews i am little bit tensed about my job

  6. thankyou for sending this message ,i would request u to send me any message regarding elect-communication studies ,what are the possiblities to get into jobs
    this from sangeetha,sanma34@yahoo.com

  7. ujjawal

    hiii, im a final yr student in B.E with electronics and comm. engg. im little bit tensed about my job. no company has yet arrived here in our college. So,suggest me how to grab job ???

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  8. Abhi_123

    yaar ma va final year ma ho. no company is come in my college . ki kara ek ha haal ha hotel kolade ha partnership wich

  9. manav

     hi!!!!, i have completed my 12th science from gseb and now want to do engineering. but which course is the best in the recent years n which will be d best i dont know , so can u give me a guidance.

  10. Deepak Tomer

    dear friends do b.tech from any branch bt not from ec coz i did it last year bt i didnt got job till nw so u think wats d future of dis job .......................

  11. Saurabhblahatia

    i hav given 12th xam this yr n i hav got 7285 rank all over india n 1332 rank in state level ..now i want to do btech ..which stream is best n most demmanding in these days plzz suggest me

  12. Rainaaarshi

    agar languages me aache ho then computer is best........otherwise take ec agar circuits aachae se samaj sakte ho....

  13. Babybehera

    i am a student of B.tec  of branch ETC which job is sutabule for me please send me som  job site thae i send my reasum to him if also u send my reasum to a company for jo i am many thank ful to u i sen my reasum to u

     Name              : Subhalaxmi BeheraMobile             : +91 9692606376Email-ID         : baby.behera75@gmail.comAddress          :C/O Rabindra kumar Behera,                        Qtr No.B/375,Fertilizer Township                        Rourkela-769007,Sundergarh,                        Orissa                                          CAREER OBJECTIVE: To utilize my ability to innovate and to work in a team to meet technology at its best, and perform efficiently to deliver quality products thereby leading to both organizational and individual enhancement.  ACADEMIC MILESTONES: Sl.NoMilestonesYear of PassingInstitutionBoard / UniversityPercentage1BTech- ETC2011Jagannath Institute for Technology & management,Paralakhemundi,Gajapati,OrissaBPUT,OrissaCGPA 7.35(up to 7th sem)212th2007Ispat English Medium School,sector-20, Rourkela,Sundergarh, OrissaICSE,New Delhi 52.5%310th2005Ispat English Medium School,Rourkela,Sundergarh, OrissaICSE, New Delhi 67.6%  CORE SKILLS:  TRAINING1. Industrial training in RTTC,BSNL,Bhubaneswar. 2. One month Embedded 'c' course in vector    institute,ameerpet,Hyderabad.TECHNOLOGYC ,C++     PERSONAL MATRIX: KEY STRENGTHS: ü Focused ü Quick Learner HOBBIES n INTEREST: Reading Books,surfing net,singingDATE OF BIRTH : 19 January 1990              EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:            Organized and took lead role for functions, seminars, tech fests in the college and during the school days.  Place :Paralakhemundi,Orissa Date :30.5.2011                                                                                                              Subhalaxmi Behera

  14. Ankit Khanna

    see every branch is best in own way.....but the demanding branch is mechanical or chemical......now-a-days...
    somehow electronics branch is also a best branch in engeering line.....because through electronics branch you can go in two fields after b.tech...i.e. software line or electronics line......so choose ur branch in three of them.........
    and i m nt saying that rest of branches are not good......they r also good......bt less demanding as compare to above three........

  15. deepak kumar

    if u want to join best colg then drop 1 year n prepare ur self wid conceptual study n perform d best result in iit or aieee. after that u will get best colg where u dont have to worry abt ur placement. ok , so u can drop 1 year. wish u all d best . or if u got this rank in aieee what u written in ur question then u can get nit. ec is best n demanding branch.

  16. Saif ali

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  17. Md Asif

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  18. brajesh sharma

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  19. Shivansh gahloth

    hlo sir, m pursuing last yr of engineering from electronics & communication , am bit confused  in chosing my stream for my job so plz help me in this matter.tell me about all the fields .
    thanking you

  20. Vivek

    Hello, I am a 2nd year student in electronics and communication eng.I will get a job in some IT company but can't decide what do do after my graduation , should I go for CAT or opt for GATE? I am interested in robotics but people say that there is no scope for it in India,so should I try for GRE? Please give the pros and cons of the option too.

  21. Ja

    i just finished my btech .in e.c. i was wondering f der r ny gud distant r online short term courses or like m.s or mtech by good universities as such??

  22. I completed 12th standard and waiting for the result, i like to study engg., i am interested in maths and computer, plz send some suggesion about which engg. course can I join?

  23. I am an EC engineer;This branch is very good in itself but unfortunately Indian market not give its price as it deserve,maximum EC engineers worked in Computers company;so its better to go for Computer Engg.

  24. I am an EC engineer;This branch is very good in itself but unfortunately Indian market not give its price as it deserve,maximum EC engineers worked in Computers company;so its better to go for Computer Engg.

  25. amit

    hi this is Amit kashiyan,i want a job after b.tech, tell me what can i do & also tell which scope is better ?

  26. uday

    i m doing b.tech from sridhar university pilani.
    Is my university or my knowledge is important for the companies in which i apply for the job?

  27. i m thinking to study btech electrnic nd communication
    i neeed sme help
    is this a good part to study¿will der b any use aftr the course cmpleted???

  28. i m thinking to study btech electrnic nd communication
    i neeed sme help
    is this a good part to study¿will der b any use aftr the course cmpleted???

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